Malvasia Bianca Mothers Day Set

Malvasia Bianca Mothers Day Set
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Onward Malvasia Bianca Mother's Day Set includes the following 3 wines:

Onward 2022 Malvasia Bianca - Pét Nat (bubbly): This Pét-Nat is floral and fruity, while refreshingly bone-dry. Notes of night-blooming jasmine, citrus blossom, melon rind, warm Kaffir lime scones with preserved lemon‚ with a refreshing hint of sea air‚ and did I mention soft tiny delicate bubbles?! This is a pure expression of sparkling wine and she, my friends, is a spirited lady! 

Onward 2022 Malvasia Bianca - Skin Fermented (orange):  This wine is bursting with a broad range of aromas that span from magnolia blossoms after a rain shower, fresh melon rind, Valencia orange peel, and quince marmalade, and warm feijoa crumble, the palate is plush with a soft silky texture. Every time I smell this wine it makes me smile, and whisks me away on a tropical vacation. She is Tahiti in a glass.

Onward 2022 Malvasia Bianca - Tank Fermented (white): This is a pure expression of cold climate Malvasia Bianca; exploding with layers of citrus, pear, Mirabelle plum, and yellow quince flavors, while delicate aromas of a melon patch on a warm sunny day and night-blooming jasmine dance about, followed by a refreshing, clean finish, thanks to its vibrant acidity. This wine is delicately floral with layers of fruit and a backbone of minerality. She is elegant, pretty, and oh, so approachable!